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Vitamin D

 Vitamin D has become a miracle cure in 2017 and often a good call shows us that there are many of us in this family of these special compounds who are at higher risk of significant health changes, including osteoporosis heart disease and certain cancers such as breast cancer. In the next few minutes we will go into detail about what Vitamin D is and how to get it in the prostate and colon and what we can do to maintain adequate levels to ensure maximum health benefits. But first what? Vitamins Vitamins are a group of organic compounds that are essential for normal growth and maintaining health. Because they cannot be synthesized by the body, the word vitamin is actually a compound of the Latin word vita. At the beginning of the 20th century, when the term was used, it was originally thought that all vitamins contained amino acids, the mean English for life and amino acids. This is not the case, and when scientists found out the true nature of these organic compounds, they eventually shortened the original spelling with E to vitamin. If we adhere strictly we will find out in a moment.

 vitamin d

Vitamin D, as defined, should never be considered a vitamin. But more than that I want to go into chemistry a little bit and I won’t lie to you. The details and some of you are a little daring to look at that first molecular model and some of you are going to decompress the video in retrospect but I urge you to wait until we break it down because this shows you a lot of good graphics and basic explanations. D The biochemical process seems to me to be really amazing and I hope you two will find it very interesting by the end of this presentation. Logo phobia literally fears Greek words Let’s start fearing complex scientific applications Vitamin D actually belongs to a family of organic molecules found in a variety of foods, including fatty fish egg yolks liver and mushrooms. Whole cow’s milk contains a trace of vitamin D. Animals are exposed to the sun, but milk is often fortified with vitamin D. Some grains also boast of vitamin D fortification. But unlike most vitamins we find for a moment, not all fortifications are the same. By the complex interaction of ultraviolet rays with the skin and by modifying the organic molecules in the liver and kidneys, they can produce their own vitamin D.  To the deep and superficial layers of the dermis and epidermis, respectively, are six layers with five or two deeper layers of the epidermis, and a stratum basal or basal layer and a 7D hydrocholesterol or pro vitamin D3 compound made up of 27 organic atoms. The stratospheric spinosum, or spiny layer, contains 44 hydrogen atoms and a single oxygen that provides a chemical substance. A single pentagon ring is labeled E and the linear carbon emitted from the pentagon ring is labeled carbon 1. Using a standard numbering protocol across 27 but the two most important carbons are number 1 here and number 25 on the other side of the molecule Reviewing very basic organic chemistry each molecule of carbon in the molecule must have 4 interactions with other atoms.

 vitamin d

Causes double bonding Two out of four contacts but whatever we do to the molecule we must maintain all four contacts for carbon. Similarly, every hydrogen atom has one relationship and an oxygen atom always has two relationships for obvious purposes. I put a few hydrogens on the back side of their carbon atom, but if you stop and account for the video, all four contacts for carbon are maintained. You also need to pay attention to the 3d configuration of the molecule. The molecular plane pays special attention to the combination of oxygen and hydrogen in the first hexagonal ring or to the hydroxyl group of carbon 3. This will be important in a moment in a graphic representation of a molecule. The projection outside this anterior plane is represented by a torn triangular connector as shown here at the seventies of the triangular connector with the side group atoms projecting behind the main molecular plane. Hydrocholesterol in the stratum corneum of the stratum corneum is exposed to ultraviolet light, which is absorbed by the energy molecule and breaks down this specific bond between carbon 9 and carbon 10.

 vitamin d

When this connection is lost, the atoms and the remaining bonds must be rearranged to maintain one of the four required connections for carbon and one for the hydrogen atoms, respectively, in order to achieve one of the hydrogen atoms in this methyl group apart from the first hexagonal ring. The carbon atom in the C hexagonal ring completes the four contacts on this carbon and forms a methylene group from the first hexagonal ring. In addition, the loss of the original bond by the UVB and the transfer of the hydrogen atom from the methyl group causes a single bond deficiency. Each of these two carbon atoms now contains only three contacts with the other atoms. Fortunately, carbon has the ability to form single, double, and, if necessary, triple bonds with a single atom, creating a double bond between the two atoms and completing the four required bonds for this carbon. h 4400 Some atoms in 3d space undergo rearrangement compatibility change. Basically the first hexagonal ring now rotates around this double bond in the second hexagonal ring which was disrupted before it could rotate. By projection of the hydroxyl group from carbon number 3 back into the main molecular plane, we move to this point as the double bond rotates around carbon 1, and the hydroxyl group of carbon 3 is now active behind the main molecular plane. To reinforce that consistency shift in your mind, this new molecule contains the same chemical again and again. The hydroxyl group of carbon 3 is connected to the first seven triangles.

There is a torn triangular connection between the hydro cholesterol molecule and the cholecalciferol molecule, which now shows the posterior position. Although the new molecule is called vitamin D3, it is not yet the active form of vitamin D. The molecule needs to be further modified in both the liver and the kidneys. This point is where vitamin D3 is transported through the bloodstream to the liver, where it undergoes its first modification.By adding the oxygen atom to the 25th carbon and changing the chemical formula 27 H4402, all the chemical bonding laws are in place, with four bonds attached to the carbon atom, two hydrogen and two oxygen atoms each. Oxygen and hydrogen together are called a hydroxyl group, so this process is called the first hydroxylation of the vitamin D molecule. New Molecular Hydroxy Cholecalciferol 25 Contact Hydroxy Vitamin D3 or Calcifer. It is transported back to the kidneys via blood vessels, where it adds another oxygen atom to the second carbon and changes the chemical formula to C27H4403. Doctors have known for decades that the active form of vitamin D helps maintain strong bone health and protects against certain cancers by preventing sun exposure and maintaining bone health. Here is a photo of a group of young patients and their nurses.

From the early 1900s to the mid-1900s, Professor Adolf Windl’s German chemist mist was able to analyze the decisive steps in this complex biochemical process. Conversion of 7D Hydro Cholesterol to Pre-Vitamin D3, especially under the influence of ultraviolet rays, and its explanation of the benefits of limited sunlight exposure when photochemistry was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1928 with adequate sun exposure. can. Our bodies are capable of producing vitamin D, so by definition, Florida vitamin D should never be considered a vitamin, and it is best to classify it as a hormone that is stored in a tank for ten minutes in full sunlight during the day without any sunlight.

People with dark skin may need fifteen or twenty minutes of vitamin D, like Hispanic wearing pants. Americans and adults with darker skin may need about an hour of exposure to get these figures. In addition, the first step in this whole process is the conversion of 70 hydraulic cholesterol from UVB light to vitamin D3 before vitamin D3. In other words, increasing the pre-vitamin concentration makes the conversion process less efficient, building up to prevent excessive alcohol consumption. An immune system will not increase your vitamin D dose if you are exposed to too much sun. Keep in mind that the risk of developing skin cancer later on is that a little sun is better because most sine is not better in reality. However with our busy schedules the excessive use of sunscreen and m many of us have adverse environmental conditions in any area that suffers from vitamin D deficiency and may need supplements to meet the demand before we come to the supplement.

 vitamin d

There is another form of vitamin D. Vitamin D2 Ergo Calcifer, also known as Ergo, is derived from the word ergo. This vitamin D form is produced in plants that are exposed to ultraviolet light. Hence the labeling of mushroom boxes as boasting because they actually contain high levels of vitamin D. Is a subtle but distinct difference between the vitamin D or D3 animal form and the plant derivative form or D2. In the linear carbon spine there is a double bond between carbon 22 and 23 first, approximately to the molecule centered on carbon 22 23 and 24. By calculating our chemical bonds we can see that this double bond creates five attachments for the carbon 22 and 23 1/2 menu on each carbon. Carbon We restored 4 bonds required for a carbon. We will need these hydrogen atoms in an instant.Put them here now out of carbon 24. An extra carbon atom requires 4 connections. One of these comes from carbon 24 bonding. It is one of the previous hydrogen atoms and we can use the two released hydrogen atoms.

From a molecular point of view, the net difference between D2 and D3 is a single carbon atom with the chemical formula of D3. Surprisingly, when exposed to ultraviolet light, the C27H4400 and D2C28H4400 can produce the same molecule in humans and mushrooms. After assuming both a healthy and functional kidney and liver, we can assume that Yalan is involved. Production of active forms of vitamin D It was once thought that the two forms of vitamin D were clinically similar, but the latest research suggests that the active form of vitamin D2 may be up to three times more effective in the human body than vitamin D3, a native animal derivative. So I suggest reading the label when buying vitamin D fortified foods or supplements.

Vegan Vitamin D or Ergo Calcifer All Vitamin D Supplement Recommendations appear to be in stream in 2017. But currently the FDA recommends 600 international units per day between the ages of 1 and 70 and 800 international units per day in an environment suitable for adults over 70 full UVB exposure on fair skin. And there is no real advantage or increase in production with long exp exposure. Many believe that the current recommendations could be 1,000 international units per day using nature. If you live a few days a week get the most out of your natural and limited sun exposure. Cave dwellers with healthy liver and kidneys and London residents at a place favorable to you. Remember that it is possible. A mega dose of vitamin D will help you live forever. It is always in toxic doses so if you drink enough of it it will kill you. So in summary, consume your D3 if you can maintain adequate vitamin D intake.

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