what is teeth diseases?

16 million Canadians do not even know they have healthy gums looking for a clean mouth and a fresh gingivitis is a bacterial infection caused by bacteria. A colorless sticky film that accumulates around the teeth and bacteria forms a toxin that causes gum disease and bad breath in your mouth. Red Swollen or Bleeding Gums for bad breath loose teeth and partials or dentures that do not fit properly or can be passed or exudate. Left on a healthy mouth the gums are pink and the mouth looks clean. There is no sugar or healthy dental caries or cavities if there is no cavities or dental decay in the plaque and bacteria plus food creates an acidic environment An acidic environment that produces food that you consume every time you have sugar or starch bacteria in your mouth. The effect of cavities on the form of cavities and food for long periods of time is very important for residents to suck on their mouths for long periods of time. Foods can stick to the surfaces of the teeth and stay there for long periods of time when sucking on the candy to reach the mouth. ccur Between the teeth as well as the front and back of the teeth, a meal with candies or sweets is better than a meals brushing that helps them reduce tooth decay independent elderly over five times the recommended sugar intake per day.

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