What is Public Health?

Definition Public health

Definition Public health and then separate The question is what is ? Professionals do what we do. There is a simple definition that is going to be received. Some complementary jibber-jabber so Here is my definition of public health. Public health is a discipline  addresses the population level. No more defining it. Now we can add some praise. Jiber-Jabber to try and understand it A little better, for example us I want to talk about the public. Health is different from clinical.

medicine and other supplements Physiotherapy and Dealing with occupational therapy. Single-level public Health really looks at groups of people. Those groups include the sick and the well. People and those groups are described It can be any level you want The community may be a country. In fact, it is now global health Let’s take a closer look at the latter. Question what public health is doing. Professionals do well in public health. Professionals try to do two things. Really first to understand and The second is to act now. Each of these components separately and Then we will see how they act.

When I say public health Works to understand I really meant it. We collect that information and evidenc We will inform you how to intervene. Work to understand population health. We really do two things that we do. Search and we do research. Seeks to learn more about what we call. Exposure to exposure can be a risk. Interference potential factors and We are trying to understand the reverse.

Disability and Disease and Respect We need all these factors Explain them and understand them. Size is therefore a kind of size. Self explanatory is how big it is. In terms of distribution we mean Distribution geogra phically so Physically where these exposures and Really andwe mean it Sociological Distribution For example, various socio-economic groups Or cultures, etc., we do it. Search and this research Distribution and Exposure size and Because of this, we can do two things.

First we need to understand the reason. Exposure and Secondly, we need to plan. Interventions to improve public health These two things, of course. Being connected can help us understand better. Causal relationship between Exposure and replaying as best we can Plan interventions as we know them. It will affect the public while working. We talked about health first Areas where there are professionals We will show you how it all works To a better place for us Understanding how we can do it Interfere with the programs available and plan.

Impact on public health The course takes us to the second area. Public health professionals work In other words, we need to act. That understanding is right for us We really need to intervene in two ways. Be as healthy as healthy people. We want to make sure that is possible Access to sick people Care and Treatment So let’s see.

First and foremost, what are we doing to prevent it? We do well with disease and disability. First, we promote behavior. Second, we reduce exposure. As risky and as you can imagine There is a lot of overlap between them. Two regarding the promotion There are actually two types of behavior change. We need what we strive for.

First, promote the behavior that we know. It will have a positive impact on health. Such as improving dietary exercisWe really want to prevent behavior. Knowledge will have a negative impact. Public health such as smoking Respect the actions we take We do this by reducing exposure to risk. First address two types of risk. There are physical and environmental.

Risk factors that people are exposed to Things like radiation pollutants Second, there are safe medications. What we call social determinants Health matters such as human rights Changing gender. Now we’re talking about what we do Prevent illness and disability Or talk about healthy people now. It’s about what we need to do to ensure it Care and treatment available People as sick as you can Think I’ll tell you that There are two things we do first.

That is what we are going to do. We’re going to use the best evidence. I rely on that understanding The first half is mentioned here , we’re going to use it Advocate for policy change that guarantees Safe and Effective Access In other words, we want to make Accessible to all people Health care and we are second Do-it-your selfers are really involved. The first is We must ensure health. Systems are in place to provide protection. Treating the needy.

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