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Medicine wheel


what the medicine wheel is and why it’s so important, then we are here to share the basic teachings to the medicine wheel. Make sure you watch it to the end as we have a special bonus for you. Now, there are three important points that you need to know about the medicine wheel teachings. The first important point about the medicine wheel is what exactly is a medicine wheel? The medicine wheel is circular symbol broken into four areas or quadrants.

These four areas have four different colors assigned to them, which are most often yellow, red, black, and white. It is also very important to note that different nations have different medicine wheel teachings, according to their stories, values, and beliefs. So, there is not only one perfect medicine wheel. The four areas of the medicine wheel have attributes assigned to them. The four directions, the four states of being, the four sacred medicines, the four seasons, the four elements, the fourth stages of life. Some nations use the four colors in different locations on the medicine wheel and use the four areas on the medicine wheel to represent the four colors of people on mother earth.

Each of the four directions or areas have teachings and each of the set of attributes have their own teachings as well, which we will get to more in the next two important points about the medicine wheel. The second point for understanding the medicine wheel teachings is why this circle is so important. The circle represents the circle of life, the circle of self awareness, and the circle of knowledge. For the circle of life, indigenous people of North America looked to this circle as a reminder that everything flows in a circle. We believe that life continues on and on. Our spirits live forever, on Earth, and then into the spirit world. Similar to the circular nature of the seasons and the life cycles. The circle also represents our own awareness of ourselves and our state’s. Mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional and in order to be happy, we need all four of those states to be balanced.

We can be aware of our own balance and help steer ourselves toward a more balanced life. Therefore, a more happy life. We need to be aware of each set of attributes and what they teach us. For example, in order to exist on Earth, all four elements are needed and not only are they needed, they also need to be in balance. The circle of knowledge is one of my favorite parts, as it represents the personal power that we each possess to learn about the different attributes and have control over our states of being to maintain our happiness. This circle of knowledge means that we use it as a tool and as a system for passing on knowledge. Have you seen the medicine wheel before? If so, where? Please share with us in the comments below.

Now, the third point for understanding the medicine wheel teachings is that all aspects of life are interconnected. All creation on Mother Earth was put here for a purpose and we are all deeply connected. The spirit world is connected to life on earth, the water is connected to the land, and the sky is connected to the ground. Our connection to the land and to our Mother Earth can directly affect our spiritual wellbeing, which will then affect our physical health, our emotional health, and our mental health as well. All attributes of the medicine wheel are connected and we, as people are all equal. So, all nations of the earth are equally connected to the creator.

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