what is health and what is fitness?

Health and fitness means that there is no illness or disease in the health of the body and the fitness will vary according to each person to be able to complete a task. It varies according to the goal they want to achieve, just like the athletes they endure. The marathon runner can complete the marathon on time, depending on how fast the sprint is, and how fast a sprinter, like a sprinter, can complete that sprint. They will be different from their target, or they will focus on endurance and the path and technology. So it depends on the person and your goal. Similarly, a mother’s fitness for a domestic servant will enable her to complete her daily routine. Efficiency and fitness vary according to each individual’s goal. Therefore, health and fitness are different but they are interrelated. Senior with a Citizen You Know Their Suitability You know that there is no joint pain, no knee pain, no back pain. They want to know the clay so that they can play with your grandchildren, showing that the body is not able to perform their daily activities and is dependent or instead on anyone. So it depends on the fitness of all age groups. As you know, man yearns for a lot of things like a house. He expects a lot of things like a car bicycle and he desires many things and things.

what is health and what is fitness?

The number of products I say and he acquires it, so he craves for many things. He acquires it, whether it be necessities or luxury items, so we look forward to many more products because when you go to a store, you know that when you shop, he wants to shop for you and your debit or credit card Anything because you want to buy that product and you feel happy All products are all materialistic because you are satisfied, but we know that you consider it a product in terms of health and fitness, we treat you as you can pay or you can pay and get health and fitness, but health and fitness understand this mistake No, it’s a product that you know you can pay and you can use a debit or credit card and you know you can get it, but my definition of health and fitness is that it’s a progressive investment in itself. And you know when you invest in something that you’ve talked about for a long time, you don’t know that you want results in 10 days a week. You pay your money and you get instant results. You know it. Unlike the one you get instant results. But health and fitness is what I mean, it’s not a product, it’s a living organism, a human body is a living organism and it invests in yourself. Progressive investments will benefit you and interest will be your good health. So there is no illness or disease Yes some diseases and diseases cannot be prevented. It may not be under your control because of some kind of illness, but because of some controllable disease, it depends on the person’s choice. What will they do? So you get on the ladder of success.

I mean, it’s a very public statement and it should be like climbing the ladder of success and progressive investing on the ladder of good health and fitness. Then you should know the daily activities of your life. You know that your day-to-day activities are considered as if you are sleeping, and you know that your health and fitness should be a part of your life so that you can categorize yourself as product assets or liabilities. So, an asset is something you know and it has value and it is very useful. The yield of interest you know gives it value and it gives you a good product. Warranties are something you know and it doesn’t give you anything. It doesn’t interest you, it’s not useful It doesn’t add anything to your life or anything worth it because you know that the products we buy and buy for a long time, the things that man wants or desires are endless. I mean your  where you categorize it as an asset or a liability, so it’s definitely an asset, it’s something that gives you value, it gives you interest, and interest you. The benefits will be known. Your Health and Your Eligibility It is a progressive investment and it depends on the choice of the individual. Because your health and fitness is not something that you know and can give you money and get results. It’s like climbing the ladder every day, and it’s a progressive investment every day. So when you have an illness or a problem, you know that you go to the doctor and the doctor you know heals. Patients give him ation and he kills them, so a doctor saves lives.

I mean, you know that being a doctor is a great profession and a very honorable profession, but you know that it depends on your personal choice, because it is better to stick to the good old saying: prevention. Deciding on your fitness or prioritizing your  depends on the individual’s choice. It should be considered an asset or an asset to your. With responsibility you can know if you are healthy and fit and you want to travel a long distance on a bicycle and you know you can’t complete it with cycling. If you are a senior citizen citizen and you know that you have benefited from playing with their grandchildren, you do not have to depend on anyone to independently intend to complete their daily activities. There are many endless benefits like diseases. There are a lot of blood pressure issues these days. If you are a young mother, I mean, you play with your children you know. They are active sports that you like.

Is Fitness Healthy?

Sports and fitness are good for your health. This can be a strange question for many of you. Because most of you think playing or fitness is good for your health and on the contrary it can be really bad. Free or how, but let me explain that exercising hard at this point is not good for your body. First I need to replenish calories and calories. Eating too much and eating healthy and eating too many calories regardless of weight are detrimental to your health. Because it causes some anti-oxidative stress on your body and basically, if you eat less, say eighty percent. That should make us feel full. Then you will live longer and healthier and your body can be compared to a car. So if you use a car too much and drive it too much, it will be better to wear and tear. Especially if you go on the highways and play like you say your car is less than two years old compared to the preferred Atia. Repeat it and use it in a less intense way with your body.

The same is true of your body, you are not doing any sport or at least no activity, so becoming overweight is not going to lead you to live a full and healthy life. Fitness or any other sport at that point does not turn into negative consequences of a bad diet. So I often see these very active young people because they live in hell. They are working their eyes off and they are going away a bit, but they still need very bad boots. They do not eat healthy foods. It improves longevity. Instead, eating a diet can actually lower your life expectancy, as you know that professional athletes are loved because they are not healthy. But proper and hardworking professionals are not really , and eating and accepting supplements like these leather pillows, as I said before, is not healthy right now. Clearly there are positive things to say about fitness and sports. They are often found to improve your mood. If you want to live a longer and healthier life than the best you can do about activities, drinking or smoking is bad.

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