what is health and wellness?

what’s health and wellness?

It’s a very important triangle that you are going to have some kind of memorize your brain but we’ll show it to you many times. This is a combination of a couple of different things that are all right and we are going to put the physical and the bottom of our health triangle together. It is a combination of physical, emotional, and social which creates a state of well-being alright. How to Look at the Right to Look at the Right to Look Now The bottom line is that we have put it on the bottom of the triangle so that we can look at it in different ways. Eating nutritious meals and snacks is one way that you can make your physical health better.

You guys know this sounds like making the right choices, but you can find a good example of a balanced nutrition right now. So get your physical health enhanced so that you can have your body fit and you need that food again.Doctors and dentists have had a great time checking out your physical health and tip-top shape. If you are a smoker, you are going to have more harmful behaviors. That is the right thing to do when you decide to end up with more mental health . What is the right-hand side of the physical and then the mental-emotional side of the BAI? Your mental and emotional health will be stronger again than negative relationships will result in strong positive relationships. Relationships Your self-concept or your self-esteem that affects your mental and emotional well-being The more positive relationships you have, the better your self esteem is. Here we are simply listening to music and playing a game on your phone for a while while you get it ay from the situation maybe talking to people that you care about your relationships You have built and texted and just kind of talked about the situation that you are alright with and then you have to deal with your thoughts and feelings every day and then some people do it by journaling and drawing and subscribing and writing. By putting your mental and emotional health on the line, you are better off with your mental and emotional . Respecting Caring and Valuing People Here’s our Triangle of No  A lot of your time at school is about having those positive relationships.

You have a very good relationship with your teachers and you have a very good relationship with your teachers. With a large part of your social support and the need for a positive friendship, you have the right people to support you. It’ll give you a couple examples of grandma grandpa moms and dads family members that you need to take care of and support those people who need it. The most important ones are the ones that span your family’s health. You will be able to spend more time with your family than you would with a bike ride. Getting physical and again with your physical and emotional well-being can be stressful and it can help your mental and emotional well being. Your family’s not just going to have your family’s basketball game but it’s the most important family you can find but a good vacation time. Where is the health of our triangle and you know that  is the middle of the right? You are going to need to know that you are going to have a physical triangle with the right health care elsewhere.It is a combination of all the pieces that you put together and the last one that you can fill. Together with your , you have to find the right balance. They have all been equal and that is the most important thing that you have to do with your triangle. So many things are wrong with your head right now if you look at your triangle like this or that you can see that all three of those triangles have an unhealthy balance. If you can ever build yourself back up to a healthy balance, then you can build up your own balance. A little bit about wellness then we’ve heard that our answer to what we want today is a continuation of the state of well-being or total . You can change your wellness scale or your  scale at any point in time. alright so we can just take a look at the thermometer and see what’s on the top of the wellness scale so maybe they have some good or excellent excellent wellness things going for this person alright something happe You may be hurt by a class like physical education and you may be hanging out with your friends.

‘re really disappointed because you’re going to miss the big football game tonight or your sporting event and that’s it going to affect your mental and emotional health so you can see depending on a particular event your scale can be real high or it can drop very low and it can happen at any point in time during the day any hour any minute all right so we’re putting all this together we’ve got  we’ve got wellness alright you can see I showed them as separate but these two things are not separate your health and wellness is all together alright so you can see there’s your you’ve got youris inside our  as a part of your wellness so the three parts of our health triangle would fit inside the little circle there and they kind of help make up your wellness which is surrounding you and and could be part of your environmental factors.

What Works in Health and Wellness

Our data shows that these are hard issues, and that the world is struggling to find solutions to it and we’ve seen it again. Here’s a look at the data we’ve been looking for in the relationship between social health and wellness scores and GDP per capita and if I can just pop up and show you that this is one of the least correlated components of GDP per capita. Basic medical care This is a simple story about non communicable diseases and here we are. There is a general train but it’s a very loose correlation and to me this is a really good looking solution to the world. Some of the most fascinating ideas and thinking in this area and the first one is John Wilbanks who is the chief commons officer from the great title Sage Bionetworks John’s Shireen and so much of the work that we are doing reflects on a lot of the same structural problems that we see and so I promise, but I know what you are going to say but hopefully reflect Some of the same contours are because of the same discrimination structures embedded throughout society at work at Sage Bionetworks, a non-profit biomedical research organization that we spun out in 2019 with the goal of creating and exploring open systems and senses.

The way biological data can be shared and used and the context in which I go is that we do so because of digital health and what’s coming. About SPI until Sloan and Nate are generous enough to invite me to a part of what’s on the look out for you if you’re looking for a way out of the study. These are and these numbers are from the United States people who are poor in the United States are less likely to be studied and enrolled in clinical studies and it is pervasive it’s systemic and the The economic dimension of one of the better countries in the world and you can look at all of these numbers but this is really the right one. For years, federal prioritization has consistently failed to study anybody except white people. If you have to go to a hospital in the United States you will get a cancer and you decide to get a radiation treatment and I will give you a radiation treatment There are about 150 white guys and it doesn’t matter if you’re a kid of a different ethnicity, your genetic information has been profiled. Large-scale longitudinal clinical study of European average and large-scale longitudinal clinical study can fit in. The study of health in the United States is what we have been able to study so much more or less in health and then the way that we gather the data that those people have in the church once a year The number and depth of the hospital and the measured depth may be one day and maybe they will get a phone call and they may get a survey follow-up once or twice a year. A small group of white guys in the United States get the right things to look for when they have a certain amount of data and a certain amount of data on the day. at our government The politics of outside of the right are basically digitizing all the interactions we have and mining those that we have. Get your groceries where you can get your groceries priced up and down and get them back to your data and identity. My wife does more than just like Taylor Swift, but it is also one of my favorite gender dads in the United States. The System Right The System Knows Who You Are And What You’re Doing In A Personalized Predictable Way And This Is What’s Going To Health ta site this is a site that is forced by law to know what the system is from a data perspective right now i know more or less who i think it is i went to grad school which is cool because i didn’t think it ‘m single which makes Carolina who you see yesterday who’s mad for you know what a Democrat right it knows how much i spent it and where i spent it.It is not that I am going to camp, but that I am not going to go to camp because my aspirations are a huge part of my spending in the United States.

You don’t want to make money on things that you don’t want to do. People who are measuring up to work and who are doing the work really well and when they do the work of the technology that they have done, are the ones who control the data. The doctor sees you and you go to the hospital right where you can see the person and the life experience they have. know that the tech work What’s a Parkinson’s Study of the Use of a Parker’s Example for Turning Your Phone into an Open Source Framework? How often do you go to the hospital and say you are going to look at your fingers on a table that’s an indication of your tremor in dyskinesia? See how you can or should not go hand in hand with the same sensors that you see but you can turn your forward and back and get my gait my balance my tremor We can use the microphone to record and get my muscle tone because if you just say a while right then you give a sense of the muscle tone of your lungs in your voice box and we can do this every day before and after medications without having to go to the hospital and we can do it with anyone who has an iPhone which is a white Elfi and older Android phones are the best way to get you started and to be able to get out of the world, but you can find out all this stuff and what you can do instead of just starting out There are 45 additional dimensions of data that can be found in a physician looking for a physician. It’s not just a number of taps, it is the right thing to do. a sc from a large screen ientific paper But we see that we have a man right in the 60s 60s who benefited from that under the measurable way the old system of tapping went up his number of taps. The insurance company may have been able to pay for a medical benefit because of what she had to change and what she was doing in the morning. Before her l-dopa and in the afternoon after her l-dopa you can actually find that she is better but it is invisible until you use the technology to measure it and see her differently. Experience So This Is The Red Line At The Top Of The Red Line At The Bottom Line Of Your Number Of Taps In The Morning There is a negative effect from the medicine and what you see is someone’s going through the day and the number of taps going up and so on.

The first couple of weeks that have taken place in the middle of the year and then something that happened in the middle that made the regular benefit irregular now that the person only goes to the hospital once a year is literally impossible Look for it and then she starts to get the usual benefit again so that she’s in the middle of nowhere to ask her what’s going on and what’s going on with her. Do you think you can literally do what you think is better or worse than a persistent pattern last year? A stress-based reaction and so many keywords like fox and MSNBC and CNN right we’ve seen people’s quantitative expression of the disease works persistently and again if it’s invisible some other way now there are lots of ethical problems and I’m not I am not a technologist I have a philosophy degree I leave the data governance group so that we can work on things like the ethics of how you do it. Traditionally, but when you put it on a phone, you have to deal with a couple of different things that physically do not look like the screens on the documents that we read. A screen on a document next to a document that we can read through a document three times faster than a document on a document. but if you ask People read the whole thing and they have a lot of the political environment unfortunately but you don’t have an ethical obligation right? We have a second problem which is that we have become culturally conditioned to click on our phones and any document that we have between us and the things that we think is a wonderful study. Your current employer is notified and your firstborn child has said yes and so is there an ethical obligation? and put them into the context that you have with the real deal with them so that this is something that my group did to the building user interfaces.

The study is about the problem and the technical opportunity that is so great that people start to think about the human rights issues or the ethics issues or the governance issues and so on. This technology is not the right thing to do if you are really looking for an effective way to measure people up to it. The Google Genomics group has become the go-to group for the last week when they went to enroll. urine blood tears they are going to give everybody a watch that will measure heart rate blood pressure all other things and you have no rights to your own data so if we go back to the SPI to have these concepts. What’s more important is the measurement so that we can do the same thing with the stratification of a piece of the puzzle that you have a political or ethical or human right to know about. This is basically a Facebook study that questions you if you give lots of Facebook study survey questions. You’ll have to take the lead in the argument that you should try and lead the argument that you are the best at what you do. If you need to know about something, you should know that there is a good chance that you will find it. In many ways I think at some point in time, the SPI is just one piece of the right health care system that is affected by digital health. That is part of the United States federal study called the precision medicine initiative that aims to get a million people to donate their blood to their health records data coming from their phones like I t alked about over a 10-year period and the goal is to represent the underrepresented, that is, the geographical and economic and ethnic and identity element and the groups that have been paid to be a part of the four hundred million dollar study.

People who study these technologies do not have the knowledge that they have the right to do so. ‘Re-going to basically replicate the power structures that we have started to talk about and they are only going to benefit a certain number of people and we are very fortunate to be in charge of the award. And for the next three months in the United States, it will be interesting to ask people who are interested in the design of the sensor design as well as the ethical protocol. The government is in your blood, this is the political environment so we’ll see how it goes and then there is one last thing that is going to happen: The goal of villainism is to take advantage of the many different communities in the state that are often not as healthy and apply to these exact same technologies as you can achieve. up obese and addicted to carbs and preservatives and fat and so these things are coming up and what’s really left is the politics going on.A lot of people don’t like politics, but it really does matter. You have the right to use the information in your own life and well-being in ways that you can use to provide you with the information you need to access the system. We have a certain set of international norms rights and ethics to create. The idea is that we have some political rights.

Health, Balance, & Wellness

Well over the last year there have been wellness month announcements where I said you guys are kind of the reason behind the wellness month and why I want to do this with you guys. It ‘s a great day for a little extra video for this month and like talk about a little bit of it. sit a little bit I did not bring any sunglasses which are not very smart but let’s go and say hi yeah this is much better here I have the most amazing view hello so before I started planning out this content month I was asking I am just so kind of brainstorming for a little bit and for myself I have figured out that wellness is feeling well balanced out and that shines for everything. feeling healthy feeling i I have always told you guys that if you know your physical state and your mental states go really hand-in-hand and I don’t know For example, all the exercises I do while I’m working out are like little people stuff and functional training for elastic bands because I do this very slowly and controlled because my mind and my body are connected to my muscles. The example of a workout is much more efficient and effective than when you were running and watching a TV program and another funny example of when I was thinking about how well I had a moment. The time I had my skin breakouts I was just feeling like you were strong and like it During the winter the towel was cozy and kind and I felt like I was okay. You know I’m in good health. Massage I blame my workout. I wanted to work every day because I wanted to feel better, so I was working out every day. I made an appointment at the spa and made time for a massage. One point is that I am tired of work and I am tired of working on it. Then I was on the road like insisting on my appointments, and I thought it would be relaxed if it could be done on time. I was like she was meeting, and then he got there and I was in a subway and on my way to a massage on my leg, I was like, oh yeah. I’m not exactly like this. I’m more stressful and I am morally compelled to go to all these appointments that I think should help me relax and if I didn’t plan those appointments in the first place, I wouldn’t be so busy and nonsensical. . So I was like you know what that moment was and all these appointments were canceled, I had a couple left before and I was staying home for the weekend. I let my body rest. And my mental state of it was like a meal to me.

Know what it is You can do all the massages in the world and you can get all the faces and rolls You can do all the work for the world to see but it means you have to feel good and you have to do everything well. How does it feel on your skin, how happy you are with yourself and your surroundings? I think it has to do with your relationships. How does it go with your family and your friends? We all like it Individually and with our mental state and even when you know that we are talking about that connection you often see people who are very stressed and losing their hair like a couple of months ago or when you’re really stressed. ‘Re-thinking about wellness I think it’s important to look at your own state of mind and your mental state and then take a good part in taking care of your body and the physical you can do. One-hour cardio workout and like-for-like lifting weights and just being completely exhausted I think physical activity can be just as good as a walk. m here at the beach and i’m just gonna walk down and the fresh air just makes me feel good and I have a little bit of movement and being here for example is a positive for my mental states I am happy to say that while I am really content with what I am thinking about and what I am doing, I am not always content with what you put in your face. body it is both this and this is something i want to show you guys this month too and see how we can get to work together like you know where we are and we just feel that we are the kind of goal for you. This month, we can all work together on our own and we can work with each other. I have recently been doing some really good new mediation for some friends like this but I am very excited to move to LA where I am going to visit a meditation center a couple times really good mine works there Now with a lot of crystals and stuff and II I really know what it is but I have a very open heart that I really want to explore and see what it does. And it might be something for me to do but I’m gonna do a little meditation this month and maybe even in LA we can do a meditation session and then if there is. To join a meditation group like any other people in LA, I would like to think of it as a kind of meditation group. Wellness month all together and of course it will be a lot of healthy recipes that I am excited about in my new kitchen in LA where I have a lot of gonna cook and I will show you guys too. What kind of products do I use to create a natural looking fresh look? d Yeah maybe it sounds like he was stupid because you know what my skin looks like all the time, but I have had a lot of moments that I was so red or an acne and I was like oh I wanna The film is a video and then I thought it was good and if I thought about it I was so stupid and it took me a little while to figure out what the causes were and what I was thinking about. I’ve been doing a lot of research on clean and natural organic products.

Now with a lot of crystals and stuff and II I really know what it is but I have a very open heart that I really want to explore and see what it does. And it might be something for me to do but I’m gonna do a little meditation this month and maybe even in LA we can do a meditation session and then if there is. To join a meditation group like any other people in LA, I would like to think of it as a kind of meditation group. Wellness month all together and of course it will be a lot of healthy recipes that I am excited about in my new kitchen in LA where I have a lot of gonna cook and I will show you guys too. What kind of products do I use to create a natural looking fresh look? d Yeah maybe it sounds like he was stupid because you know what my skin looks like all the time, but I have had a lot of moments that I was so red or an acne and I was like oh I wanna The film is a video and then I thought it was good and if I thought about it I was so stupid and it took me a little while to figure out what the causes were and what I was thinking about. I’ve been doing a lot of research on clean and natural organic products.Especially because I’m working on a skincare brand I am gonna be a co-founder off of a lot of exciting things happening so yeah I really feel like that last year has been a roller coaster for me and I don ‘ I think it was just a lot of work and it was always a lot of work to think of it like mine was in New York and I was gonna leave it in New York. And I have been living with that question for a long time and that doubt is too long for me to have a little bit of yeah just for the sake of a lot of stress or whatever but I think one month I have really found this inner inner peace. and I wanna say yes to that hopeful chat I’m gonna follow all my old like wellness tips but yeah these are my little little breather I hope you guys enjoy the wellnes let me know in the comments.

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