what is a rubella?

Rubella is a virus that returns pleasantly by inhalation or transfusions – a common childhood illness. It’s actually quite mild symptoms. Red bumps, also known as three-day measles or German measles, are now a very mild disease. It can cause hemorrhagic effects in about one in 3,000 people. GI Bleeding Kidney Bleeding Or Hemorrhage Headache and encephalitis can occur in about one in every 6,000 patients. Child protection is not provided now. That is not a reason to give up, because the real consequences of rubella come from the spread of rubella from a pregnant mother to her birth. Cognitive rubella was severe before vaccination between 1964 and 1965, and we have about 12 1/2 million rubella cases, of which 20,000 have been diagnosed and given devastating results. As a result, 11,250 spontaneous abortions were performed. Of the 11,600 cases of deafness, 2,000 deaths after birth, 3580 cases of blindness and more than 1,8000 cases of blindness were later diagnosed as mental disorders, and the effort to vaccinate was doubled. The vaccine was licensed in 1967, and after its widespread use, by 2004, rubella in the United States was rapidly declining. Although our country has decided that rubella is not endemic, we still have some opportunities from immigrants or tourists who have not been fully vaccinated. This is largely a disease of the past, but to prevent it happily we still have to be on our toes vaccinated in combination with the measles and mumps vaccine given at 12 to 15 months and then a booster again between four and six years There are no side effects other than the fact that it always has a chance. The vaccine component has an allergic reaction and is the only contraindication for the next vaccine.

Tips for Rubella

I would like to share tips for rubella. This is one of the first three Corinthians, 19 to 20. So the first green thing I said is as follows. Therefore, the wisdom of this word is written with what is completely with God. He captures the wise with their cunning, and once again the Lord knows the thoughts of the wise. We can learn about tips for rubella before moving on. Before moving on I would like to show you two pictures. This is a bunch right, then I’m going to show you another picture and the other one will be rubella, so why am I showing these pictures? So it is important that we do not confuse the two. For example, if we use the vaccine, it can be prevented. M and MR. The Missile Mumps Rubella Vaccine I’m going to explain now is that the boxing game we usually give a child when they are 12 to 15 months is right. This is the Ruby Ola missile.

This is a German sorry German missile and the average missile is rubella or rubella right. So both are Nestlගේ’s new mumps rubella or both are now vaccinated, one of which determines a symptom or descart by maclopopular Kush. So what is the feature? These rats start from the pigeon’s face and I spread to the trunk and extremities. So start here this face or start this face from there, then we have the end here, then the time from the face to the end of the trunk I’s the trunk and the position is right, so this is the macro popular watch dye starting from the beginning to the end and spreading the trunk and end now we dry In comparison, this is comparable to rubella, but rubella farms are average or moderate and will spread rapidly.

English If you are here to spread rapidly you have put across the field here and here we have rubella, so the spread of rubella is fast and the spread is right. This, too, is not dark across the field as we see in the picture here. That’s right- this is not about rubella, it’s about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! So rubella has a less dark rash and there are lymph nodes for this and no one has this link right here in the occipital region, so the oxypital connector for anyone and the main difference is basically that the rubella is a follicle in the body which is a low dark connective and it is occipital Toga is a virus and it is very important to know. Toga Bitters and thanks for watching. Now if you haven’t taken a break you should take a break. So remember that it is important to have a positive attitude towards God. Exercise story Eat a healthy diet.

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