what is a rabies?

Rabies Virus | Neural Pathway Mechanism

We also discuss the rabies virus and its life cycle. So let’s get started Ibis is caused by a virus called rabies slip. It is a special concept of the family Rubdo Word origin Lisa well and special rabies Lisa West and Lisa’s well sphere. The genetic name is written with the specific bear, and it is written with the lysozyme virus. That is why we call the death Tribus lyssavirus. The life cycle is zoological from one animal to another and both hosts are often members here. First, we discuss the key points of its life cycle. The first thing we see here is that it is the animal line that gets it from host to host, which is transmitted from one animal to another by bites and is mostly found in mammals. The second thing we see here is the transmission system’s taste and biting behavior. 

What is this biting behavior in the latter part of the video and the third part we see is a reversal method which is polymerase crushing which will be discussed later in this video as well. Now let’s see how this wire is transmitted from an infected animal to a healthy animal and we think we are a rough dog here. It has a virus in its taste and it bites a healthy person and in this healthy person, it infects the muscle cells next to it. From these muscle cells, they become nerve muscles. It has a mode of transport known as XO plasmic transport, and this Exo plasma transport has a transmission wherever it is transported by Jetro in this retrograde mode. Cells move toward the body and are mediated by certain motor proteins that belong to the microtubule.

 After this repulsive transport, the virus is transported to the cytoplasm, known as the body of a neuron, from where the wire transfers to each other and other proteins. So what is Mechanism Bank Reactive External Transportation? This reflex axial transport is a normal transport system in neurons. Neurons send several particles outside the cell to function properly, such as protein lipids. This reactionary former owner transports the proteins in the cells or other cortex using dynamite motor proteins and finds that the virus has P proteins and finds it in the light chain of very small motor proteins. Therefore, it exploits these dietary proteins to enter the nervous system. It takes a particle of the virus in and out of the cell. Replication and copying take place and the website is copying this virus as I have already said the application and copying are called cytoplasm Negra body.

 Polymerase chartering is a process in which the polymerase transmits nucleotides several times, while the adenine adenine adenine transmits several times as a poly ID. Why is it called an mRNA breakdown? The enzyme that goes onto the mRNA chain pushes this startup cushion to re-create the adenine base and then goes back to the starting point and backs up and back again. Meanwhile, the cells are released by shoots and viruses. The new virus transports the slave glands to infect the new host. All of this is the life cycle of the rabies virus and why do infected people kill water ills? It will discuss this rabies in an infected man.

Why do Rabies cause HYDROPHOBIA?

Rabies disease develops here Pouring water on infected people What we call waterborne hydrophobia Let’s find out if the infected people are really afraid of water or something else. The infected person may have difficulty swallowing water or any other liquids and medically what we call it is difficult to swallow liquid or any other water or solid and it is called diffusion. We know that the rabies virus infects neurons. It is a neurotrophic virus that causes neurotrophic bias because it damages neurons used during respiration and swallows their food or other fluids. This interferes with the assessment of the respiratory system and the clergy cycle. 

These respiratory and bristle cycles are synchronized with each other when synchronization occurs. It is not the fear of swallowing water or the fear of water that makes him feel like swallowing water. ‘His consciousness knows that he or she cannot swallow water so he avoids water or she avoids water and the virus is evolutionary behavior so now we have to look at the mechanism behind the growth of this pair. If a person is sick, what is the mechanism of the re-infection of the cellulite virus into any cell? So it is a neurotrophic wire, which means that it does not infect any cell. affects certain areas of our band, which we call the medial pattern generators, which are areas of our brain that generate certain patterns when we swallow, and when we swallow, it is ours.

 The brain is a neural network. We will now know in detail how they all became victims of this virus in resolving mastic respiration. Let’s take a closer look at these areas and what they are from the rabies virus. See how respiratory neurons affect this rabies virus. Our brain has a pre-bird synagogue complex, which supplies respiratory neurons to the brain stem and sends a signal pattern in response to the sensing signals of the hypotenuse. The hypoglossal nucleus is responsible for the rhythm of breathing, but the rabies virus is involved Affects the virus. 

Therefore, the hypoglossal nucleus cannot send a signal, which affects the rhythm of respiration. The airway is rhythmically responsible and is located in our brand medulla and has a DMRC center and is a gateway to specialized columns. This rub is also very effective. This DMRC center allows us to install doors or breathing GUP. The rabies virus stops breathing in both cases. It affects our breathing on the other side. It also depends on the swallowing process. Medium-pattern generators in the medulla oblongata and these existing CPGs send the signal from the sinking group. The group affects this shoulder group and will also affect the sink. So the rhythm here is T interrupted.

 Their sync is lost. Therefore, Indo-Persia must be solid. The reason we are afraid of water is that the virus enters the host only to multiply it for reproduction, and because it cannot be multiplied only for reproductive success, and because it requires our machinery to do so, we see it here only through transmission and not through the person. When infected it corresponds to the person and then it enters the slave gland and appears in Slava from the point of entry into the new host. Suppose an infected person drinks water that has Slava. We assume that the virus infected the new person in that Slavic.

 Thereby the infantry drinks water. So what happens when the virus suddenly dilutes the slaves? It dilutes the risk of transmission to the new host. We say that the life cycle has stopped here because the wire has been diluted with this water. The virus reproduces to enter the new host, so when the new host is unable to transmit to the life cycle, its transmission is halted to complete its life cycle. So this is all fun. But the virus does not allow us to drink water. A person who drinks water and is afraid of water is a virus but it is used by our nervous system to prevent water. It is used as a shield to prevent water, so we fear that all of this is an amazing mechanism that infects our nervous system with the virus, which we fear when it transmits water. Behind this myth is what we call the optimal survival or repair of the success of these viruses. They are one of the most amazing creatures in the world The cause of rabies Hydrophobia.

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