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How to Lower Blood Sugar Level / 6 Powerful Tips for Diabetics

Are you struggling with high blood sugar and would you like to get within this stable blood glucose line range? Then I’ll share with you six tips that will help lower my blood sugar levels. So my name is Tom and I have been a type 1 diabetic for over 30 years and I am here to help you with your diabetes journey on this channel. 

So how do you lower your blood? Sugar Well should know that there is no magic formula and you can’t do it overnight. I have to pay attention and work as hard as I can. You have to be more patient and not too aggressive. Because if you overdo it, it can lead to severe hypoglycemia and can be very dangerous, but I need you to be able to give me some quick tips that worked for me. Probably helped to take. Please keep in mind that maybe these little twists leave two giant peaks I am not a doctor I am a diabetic like you and not everything I share here is medical advice. It is only my personal experience and you should make any treatment decision with your doctor.

 But now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. Exercise increases insulin sensitivity and insulin is a sugar-breaking hormone in our body. Insulin helps lower our blood sugar levels. So we need to be as sensitive as possible and you should focus on the best aerobic and resistance exercises so that what kind of exercise helps is exercise and so things like walking a light jog work very well for me. Or being active during the day, on the other hand, is not as good as aerobic exercise or weight lifting, such as high-intensity high-intensity training, which lowers blood sugar levels, which speeds up your heart rate. Maybe they bring it up. So please be aware of that and choose exercise The best way to bring your blood sugar levels down is the right diet. But what is the right diet? It is a diet with a low glycemic profile. Should you try to eat low carb or carb diet and try to replace carbs with fat? Pottery and Ceramics Protein which are much better for stable low blood sugar into long term great healthy sources of energy with a very little impact on your blood sugar our seafood meat eggs oats beans sweet potatoes vegetables then some nonsweet fruit like avocado, for example, I really like avocado it’s probably my favorite food right now also you should try to eat more foods with fiber why because fiber helps slow digestion and sugar absorption and that is really good for a constant lower blood sugar levels foods that have a lot of fiber are again avocado peas chickpeas lentil olds Another great tip is to eat more homemade fruit rather than just going out and eating in restaurants. How much sugar do you have in your restaurant? Food is really good and it will be a good option if you are cooking at home with a lot of carbs or sweet stuff you can see there is an extreme spike there was no food involved and this spike was caused only by stress obviously I don’t have a magic formula to reduce everyone’s stress levels but if you’re aware of that it can help you be more proactive and manage stress level and the insulin dosage that you take during these situations speaking of proactivity tip number five be proactive and plan your day if you plan to be staying at home sitting around all day you might want to increase your basal rate slightly and not to correct at the point where your blood sugar already is high on the other hand we don’t plan to go for a long hike and you will be hiking all day you might want to decrease the basal rate so that you don’t get into a This is of course very difficult and requires a lot of self-discipline to plan for every day, but this is a good idea for those who want to do it. 

tip always free carts for quick carbs if I plan to eat pasta pizza or some sugary food I know my blood sugar will spike like crazy what do i take my insulin at least 20 minutes before I eat at least minimize the spike caused by the amount of quick carbs that I check into my body so always remember to pre bolus when you eat quick carbs tip number six is ​​test your blood sugar frequently or use CGM all the tips that work for me that i mentioned here these are really working for me for my body but every one is different so the more you test your blood sugar the more information you have for your decision-making the better decisions you can make so really testing testing and testing this is the most important thing that will really help you dramatically to lower your blood sugar because having all the data will let you make a good decision if you don’t have data you will probably make a bad decision what you might try to do is schedule a short meeting w It will take you 15 minutes to put in your calendar and put it on your calendar and during these last 15 minutes, just look at your blood sugar trends in the last week and see if you can figure out any patterns that will require some adjustments to your insulin dosage. 

Keys to LOWER FASTING GLUCOSE – How to reduce blood sugar in the morning.

We tested the oats and whole wheat toast vs. fruit loop and white toast. I knew both of these foods would raise my blood. Sugar was substantial and they did, but what I did not expect was that my fasting blood sugar level, which I started before eating that food, was 111 before the first test, and my pre-second pretense was 113 revealed in the diet. It has been and now I can not fully accept those numbers and I am ashamed to be able to state in the video what they are. Get a good blood sugar level while fasting. I am happy to report that the steps I have taken have worked out well. I did 110 to 115 fasting, 90’s fasting blood sugar, and once in the ’80s. Today I am going to take a few minutes and share my steps that seem to have caused my fasting blood glucose to drop by about 20 points. The interesting thing here is that it didn’t take a year or a few months and my blood sugar went down for a few weeks and I was satisfied. So I have to first confess to you that even though I talked about creating a small dining room, I’m not so used to it, I usually skip breakfast twice a week and drink bulletproof coffee. But on other days I didn’t pay much attention to how much of the day my meal spread. 

It is difficult to break the old habits of late-night dinners and the like. I tend to be a working employee and since most of my work is done at home where I tend to work overtime when most people have given up their work. Go to work and go home I usually work after 6 or 7 and maybe around 7:45 or even after 8 we meant to eat this when I go to bed maybe my stomach still has food and my insulin level is higher than that Will increase By most people’s standards, the amount of carbon in my diet will be slightly lower. But after getting these fasting glucose numbers 111 and 113, I decided once and for all. I had to curb my appetite for workouts. Cheating and starting to eat a long time ago I decided that 6pm was our normal dinner time and no more food would touch my lips until around 8am.the next morning I took a second step to help with my fasting glucose numbers although I had already been eating low carb I decided to make dinner lower carb even still essentially this meant that my dinner would be meat and low carb vegetables no beans no bread no fruit no starches and of course no sugar one dinner might be a hamburger patty in a garden salad or I might have spaghetti sauce over spaghetti squash noodles with an avocado or chicken with a can of green beans I deliberately gave up on the idea of ​​incorporating very many foods in my dinner I’m convinced that one of our problems is we simply eat too much food and too many kinds of foods at our meals and the more different food you eat at a particular meal the more likely it is that some of these They are going to be a bit of a problem for your blood sugar or a combination of them so many of my diners these days have about two ingredients of meat and a salad our meat and an avocado or a can of green beans I ‘ ve Someone told me their grandma was diabetic and managed to live into her 90s by eating hamburger patties and green beans or fried chicken and green beans every night. The third step that helps is simply not eating the stuff you want to eat at the table, but leave it at the table famished but no law says it is there.

 The fourth step I took was to have breakfast for my week. too and sometimes three times a week but now I started doing it from 3 to 4 times per week it didn’t take long for the results to manifest not only did I not see fasting glucose in the one tens anymore late I don’t even see it above a hundred clearly the changes I made we re working just as I had hoped and in fact they came about quicker than I had expected now I’m not going to guarantee you all never have another fasting blood sugar number over a hundred our bodies are delicate mechanisms and there are other things that can drive blood sugar up such as stress and lack of sleep but I’ve seen a big difference and I have a sneaking feeling that most type 2 diabetics could see a definite and significant improvement in their fasting blood sugar by following those four steps I just shared with you to review these steps they are number one eat dinner no later than 6:00 pm umber 2 make dinner very low carb you should probably make it the lowest carb meal of your day 3 let your dinner meal be slightly smaller than you’re used to eating cut back to portion size a bit and for skip around 3 to 4 breakfast each This week you will need to take a look at some of the four rules you have to take with you. Why is it so important for those who want to eat their own blood sugar and make no mistake about it? If you eat a high-carb monster of a meal you’ll have the power to overwork your pancreas and send your glucose levels sky-high and you’ll raise your insulin levels far and wide. and while still affecting you If you’re sleeping in your bed, you’ll be eating a high-carb meal and you’re eating a good long last night. 

asking for trouble eat a moderate carb meal and you’re still causing some problems but eat a very low carb meal and you’re doing yourself a tremendous favor your blood sugar level will quickly get back to its normal level and may even drop below normal And while you’re sleeping, your insulin levels are lower and getting lower and you’re setting yourself up for a much happier number. A little television on the couch and a few go-to bed-evenings are the least physically active times of our day and then when we go to sleep we are even less active we start to go into hibernation mode so if we’re dealing with a lot of carbs from our suppers we’re not in a very strong position to do it well physical activity helps our bodies to process carbs and sugars and if our carbs are not dealt By the time we go to bed things will be worse yet overnight and this may be the reason why you are waking up with your blood sugar meter but by eating early and eating a very low carb soon dinner. re-making things so much easier for yourself and your body that we’ll thank you later when you check your blood sugar the next morning and if you can follow these dinner rules day after day and year after year. If you have a good dinner but you haven’t eaten before enough in the evening so that’s going to work for you and not a Granny’s advice and eat your meat in green beans or meat and salad or meat in avocado and peanut with a celery stick. Butter or a meat and green pepper are the best way to give you the idea of ​​a four-week test for these four rules.

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