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In this article, I am going to talk about how to lose your weight today. In addition to exercising daily, you need to be in control of your daily food intake. The diets I’m telling you today can help you lose 10kg in a week.

Chopped cabbage flowers

In fact, cabbage is a vegetable that helps you burn calories quickly. If you can eat peppers sprinkled with boiled cabbage flowers once a day, you can gradually lose weight.

Fried eggs

Sprinkle peppers over boiled eggs and eat.


mushrooms is also a good diet that reduces the amount of fat in the body. If you can eat boiled ground pepper at least once a day, you can gradually lose weight.

Goraka Churna

The sour-sweet Goraka kitchen is a must-try. Gorika is popular among the rural masses as a cuisine and a food preservative. The varieties of gorillas are 4 such as henna, goat, goat, goat, etc. but mainly used for preparing food. The tiger is not used for food, but is used as a fruit for the country.

What you need for a snack is 60 grams of goraka, 1 teaspoon of dried poultry, 5 teaspoons of curry leaves, a teaspoon of raw ginger, a teaspoon of white salt, a teaspoon of cumin.

How to make

First, boil it. Then top with boiled goraka, ki kothi malli, curry leaves, ginger, white salt and cilantro. Then carefully grind a grinder.After that, make a roasted goraka gurlula and eat it.


Spinach is a very good and nutritious food .Finally, the body has the vitamins needed for the body .And spinach helps in weight loss too.


We eat a wide variety of fish .We are the fish that we get .Soul fish is the most nutritious fish for our body .These are very important for our weight loss.

  • Various types of fish and their properties
  • Sprays – Quickly digests. The air burns.
  •  Power fish – pandas, eliminates malnutrition. Suppresses the mucus.
  •  Lulled fish – cool quality. The air is dead.
  •  Thora fish – an appetite grower. Air relaxes the bat. Suppresses the mucus.
  •  Petya fish – enriches the body. Suppresses bats.
  •  Mad fish – Bloodborne bugs. Eliminates airway obstruction. It grows mucus. Makes the body fat.
  •  Ananda fish – Improves eyesight and ears. Makes the body fat. Slowly.
  •  Shrimp – Slows digestion. Is detrimental to the skin.


Chickpeas, peas, krupi nuts are very good nutrients .It also helps in weight loss. Iron, protein, carbohydrates, starch, vitamins and all the nutrients are essential for our body. Lentils, green gram, chickpeas and pea are all essential to our diet as nuts or grains. Although there is no preference for these nuts, they can be made into very tasty vans and there are many recipes for this. Anyone who does not like nuts will certainly prefer to eat it.


Banana is one of the best foods we can get for weight loss .We eat a wide variety of bananas .Abun, Puvalu, Gray Banana, Abul Banana are.Eating 3 bananas a day provides 90 minutes of vitality and energy for the body to work hard. It is a diet rich in fiber, regulates the digestive process and helps control stomach problems and constipation. Taking about 3 bananas a day helps the body get enough potassium every day to prevent blood clotting and regulates blood flow to the brain. Eating a banana can prevent bone loss caused by excessive salt intake.

Whole fruit will help you lose weight

Some people who have heard of you drinking juice or drinking a lot of juice They think only drink juice. It causes them to lose weight, but that is not what you should do instead. The reason why you should eat whole fruits is because the juice is relatively high and doesn’t keep you full of calories. Whole fruit provides more drinks. The more micronutrients for the same number, the higher the fiber intake, the higher the caloric intake, and the lower the caloric absorption. So a whole fruit and a glass of water would be better for you. Diet quinoa This diet is increasing. The reason is not only quinoa but also the value of including nutrients that may be loaded with nutrients Protein can help you lose weight. Quinoa is more difficult to break down because of carbs or fat. You burn more. This is the amount of calories you digest. That makes it one of the best foods to start with. Quinoa is very easy to eat during the day and every day is the reason why.Work on many dishes and you will. However, never get tired of eating it. You should keep it as there are too many calories.


Avocado has become a toast .The best part of their diet is because avocado is a simple way to eat. Prevent Metabolic Syndrome A term used to describe the combination of three or more risk factors for heart disease and diabetes, such as high blood pressure or large waist circumference, has a positive effect on the cholesterol levels of avocados and helps prevent belly fat.


have all the nutrients your body needs, it will not ask you to eat more. You should also include Vitamin B12, which is an essential part of your diet, even if you want to protect animals, salmon is full. Blood protein spikes that don’t make you spike. Don’t forget that there’s nothing but sugar. You always need the whole thing to make you thin.


Potatoes are bad The potato shape is definitely not the best idea to eat French fries, but there are many things you can do to eat potatoes A healthy man ate only potatoes for a year to lose weight and he lost only 50 kilograms. it was. One meal is always a terrible idea but it can still show you. Potatoes don’t cause your weight gain. They can still be a healthy part. Eat as long as you eat simple potatoes. Instead of baked or fried potatoes, it doesn’t affect your food soups that eat soup. Eating too much but actually eating can help you feel like success before the key to every meal.

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